A Creative Clothing Brand.

”A better future designed for the world is painted by the artistic hands of tomorrow”

About GLK

Our passions, these are the dreams and goals we set for ourselves. We use our creative abilities to pay the bills, help our families, and get us through tough times. Glamorous Living Kids. clothing company’s mission is to embrace using our passions to better life’s outcome through the love of the Arts. Through art, we plan to uplift and inspire a new generation of innovators. At GLK, we are “Continually Pushing Creativity”.

Company Overview

GLK is a creative clothing and accessories company, a photography & design firm, a collection of common interest, and many other things. We work with fellow artist and friends on various projects related to art. We do our best to keep things original and have fun at all times.


The clothing brand Glamorous Living Kids started in 2006. The proprietor, Christian Thompson, created the vision of an art-based lifestyle clothing brand during the senior year of high school. Since 2006, the brand has heavily supported the multiple aspects of the Arts and has found its own niche within the art community. In the beginning stages of the brand, GLK produced handmade products to gain community awareness by distributing to close family and friends. The brand slowly began to expand outside of its community by vending at music, art, and dance events. The first showcase the brand presented merchandise to the public was in 2007 at a local hip-hop show in Chino, California. With the first small exposure to the industry of running a business, GLK explored the strategic strategies in engaging business across the Inland Empire and Los Angeles County. From 2008 to 2010 the company has heavily been involved with promoting, researching, selling, and marketing to customers in the music and art scene. In 2011, the company started work on a new project. The company discovered a lack of appreciation for the Arts within its hometown. GLK began a new operation called, The Lotus Lounge Showcase. This new industry was designed to fill the missing gap for local artist looking for a stage to showcase their talents to their community. The objective was to give everyone a home to be an artist. The motto for The Lotus Lounge was, “We are our own hometown hero’s”. The Lotus Lounge is still operating successfully till this day. Now in 2012, Glamorous Living Kids is in the stages of directing strategic alliances, making sharp marketing strategies, producing premium products, building brand awareness, and executing cautious financial moves to generate better business ensuring the companies longevity.