DesignCon 2017

Here are some of the highlights from DesignerCon 2017!

Sandra Chevrier “Les Cages”

Artist Sandra Chevrier Paints over comic book panels to create new masterpieces. I think it’s an interesting use of existing art to create and inspire new art.

Sandra Chevrier "Les Cages" from Patrick Peris on Vimeo.

SPAZUK fire painter

We are big art nerds here at GLK. I think every artist likes to dabble in a variety of mediums. A lot of us here paint, draw, sculpt, etc. but sometimes we come across new techniques and mediums that change the way we think about art. SPAZUK creates amazing works with fire and a feather. […]

Reebok DMX Royalton – Product Design by Mark Balint

From Sketch to finish product; Shoe Product designer Mark Balint designed these Reebok DMX Royaltons. I love seeing the process and thought that is put into these sketches. Check out the process below.

Artist Spotlight : Hueman_

Artist Hueman creates these surreal abstract paintings that are dope. Her mix of color and composition is amazing. Some of her mural work Check out her instagram for more amazing pieces. […]

I Hope You Like Skulls – Billy Bogiatzoglou

I love human anatomy, in particular the skeletal structure. Every time I go to draw the human figure I start with a roughed-out skeleton and build on it. When I came across UK Designer Billy Bogiatzoglou’s “I Hope You Like Skulls…” prints I spent what seemed like an eternity staring at each one.
These prints feature […]

KAABOO Del Mar – Music & Art Festival

Some super dope artwork at the KAABOO Del mar Music & Art Festival. Loving the Murals. Check out their instagram and bask in the artistic amazement.

Inferno – Time Slice (3D Fire) Video

Pause and pan around this epic fire breathing display. Inferno lets you step around fire like you can control time. check out the video

Inferno – Time Slice (Bullet Time) Camera Array from Mitch Martinez on Vimeo.

Honda “Paper” by PES – Stop Motion Video

PES Film created this awesome stop motion animation for Honda. It follows the journey of a Motor in different Honda vehicles taking over 4 months to create. Looks like a painstaking process but well worth the work. We here at GLK always pause and take note of immense creative strides. Check the video bellow.

Superbet: Superhero themed Alphabet

designer Simon Koay’s ‘Superbet,’ the alphabet with each letter represented by a particular superhero or supervillain. See how many you can name.