DesignCon 2017

Here are some of the highlights from DesignerCon 2017!

AFRO – 17 year old rapper

90’s Hip Hop is always blasting at the GLK HQ. When I heard 17 Year old Rapper AFRO it made me nostalgic for the 90’s. He is heavily influenced by some of the old masters of that era and you can definitely hear it in his flow. He is working with some of those greats […]

I Hope You Like Skulls – Billy Bogiatzoglou

I love human anatomy, in particular the skeletal structure. Every time I go to draw the human figure I start with a roughed-out skeleton and build on it. When I came across UK Designer Billy Bogiatzoglou’s “I Hope You Like Skulls…” prints I spent what seemed like an eternity staring at each one.
These prints feature […]

Superbet: Superhero themed Alphabet

designer Simon Koay’s ‘Superbet,’ the alphabet with each letter represented by a particular superhero or supervillain. See how many you can name.

Daily Inspiration Dose: David Milan Typography (40 Images)

David Milan is a Graphic Designer & Typoholic. Check out some of his had lettering; It’s brilliant!

Daniel Arsham’s “Fictional Archeology” Exhibition

American artist Daniel Arsham presents his “Fictional Archeology” exhibition at the Galerie Perrotin in Hong Kong. The showcase uses concrete molds and structures of crumbling human figures and body parts. Arsham drew inspiration from the mummified people of Pompei after the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The GLK Clothing Co. team always look to sculpture for […]

Daily Inspiration Dose: Typography (42 Images)

Our design team here at GLK clothing Co are big time typography nerds. The way letters and numbers fit together can be both beautiful and frustrating. Some of the best Typographers have taken decades to hone their skills. Here are some of our favorites for your Daily Dose of Inspiration. Enjoy!

Daily Inspiration Dose: Street Art (40 Images)

We here at GLK Clothing Co. are constantly looking for inspiration. Street art is a big part of our past and we continue to Look to the streets when creating new pieces for our brand. Here are some of the exquisite pieces we found today for your enjoyment.
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