ASM (A State of Mind) – Masking feat. MF DOOM as King Dumile: Video

Like moving through a comic book. The art in this video is straight up dope. MF Doom’s new video

Sandra Chevrier “Les Cages”

Artist Sandra Chevrier Paints over comic book panels to create new masterpieces. I think it’s an interesting use of existing art to create and inspire new art.

Sandra Chevrier "Les Cages" from Patrick Peris on Vimeo.

SPAZUK fire painter

We are big art nerds here at GLK. I think every artist likes to dabble in a variety of mediums. A lot of us here paint, draw, sculpt, etc. but sometimes we come across new techniques and mediums that change the way we think about art. SPAZUK creates amazing works with fire and a feather. […]

JENKEM – Can It Skate? Sandals

GLK Skate all day!…. but in sandals? Nike Benassi Slides are put to the test. Tommy Chill Takes to the streets of New York to skate with these sandals.

The $750,000 Sneaker Collection Video

Mark “Mayor” Farese’s collection contains more than 3,000 pairs of sneakers and some of the most rare Air Jordan’s, custom Air Force 1s, and exclusive kicks. Cecj out his collection in the video.

Inferno – Time Slice (3D Fire) Video

Pause and pan around this epic fire breathing display. Inferno lets you step around fire like you can control time. check out the video

Inferno – Time Slice (Bullet Time) Camera Array from Mitch Martinez on Vimeo.

Video: Best of Seb Lester’s Hand Drawn Calligraphy Videos

Here are some of the best video clips of Seb Lester’s amazing calligraphy skills.

Video: Jay Rock – Vice City feat. Black Hippy

Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, AB-Soul, and Schoolboy Q drop their new video “Vice City” from Jay Rock’s album 90059. Check the video

Video: fakie heelflip dark slides – Jason Park’s

Jason Park, skater extraordinaire is truly gnarly.
His contribution to Jordan Kim’s recent film, The Big Mahalo, is dope! Clivk below for the video

Video: Stunt Couple ‘Paints With Flames’

Art comes in many forms. This video of stunt couple SparkFireDance painting with flames in slow motion. It’s mesmerizing and a good watch. Click below for the video